4 Ways Radio Stations Can Grow Their Social Networks

People often ask me how to grow a social platform – and I understand why. A large following can help boost engagement and even expand a donor base, so it’s an important part of your social media strategy.

And radio stations have a particular advantage because there is an extra avenue for reaching potential followers. This means there are four individual resources you can use as a station to grow your networks.

1. On-Air Promotion

You already have a powerful way to reach massive numbers of people, so use it strategically to promote your social networks. Get on the air and tell your audience about your Facebook page or Instagram account and the unique content featured on each.

However, don’t just say, “Hey, follow us on social media.” That’s typically ineffective. Instead, say, “Follow us on Facebook to find this unique piece of content or this unique opportunity to engage with us.”

2. Website Promotion

Add a few social media links to your website, but be selective. Even if you are engaged on five or six social networks, you’ll only want to pick your top three or four to add to your site. You should also make the links clearly visible in the top right corner of your website and list them in order of priority. If you’re the most engaged on Facebook, list that link first. Finally, make sure the links open a new browser window instead of using the same window and navigating people away from your website.

3. Cross Promotion

Use each of your profiles to tell people about your other social networks. Promote your Instagram account on Twitter, your Twitter account on Facebook, and your Facebook account on Instagram. Let people know that there are many different ways to engage with your station.

4. Advertise

Advertising is probably the most effective way to grow your social networks. You can pay for advertisements such as Facebook like ads, Twitter promote mode, and YouTube ads, but don’t overspend while trying to grow an audience. You really want to invest more in engaging and converting. In fact, lead ads and external link ads are a better use of your capital, while investing a small portion of your advertising budget on growing your social media platforms can be a good way to inspire engagement.

If you like these suggestions and want to know more about social media best practices, check out my Dunham Institute course, Radio: Integrating Your Digital Space for Maximum Engagement and Fundraising Impact.

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