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Join a hard-working team of visionaries who are passionate about building the Kingdom all for the greater Cause.

The Dunham Way

We're all about Kingdom impact

The mission drives everything.

We value people over profit

Authentic relationships with our teams, clients, and partners are more important than the bottom line. This means we will never make money at the expense of those relationships.

We work hard

Our character and commitment mean that we work not until the day is over, but until the work gets done. We overcome obstacles to see things through and don’t quit under pressure.

We have fun

We believe laughter is a gift from God. This means we are committed to creating an environment that is filled with joy, never taking ourselves too seriously.

We’re obsessed with innovation

We never stop learning and adapting, striving to lead, not follow, in our industry. To be the best we must always be committed to becoming better.

We love each other

We put the team on our back and keep moving, always looking out for our coworkers, never confined to our job descriptions, and working towards a common goal to see clients excel in

We do what we say we will do

Clients and team members can count on us to deliver on our promises.

We own our mistakes

We don’t just apologize but take ownership when we fail, believing that owning our mistakes is the first step to growth. And when others fail, we extend grace.

We are driven by outcomes

We always do what is in our clients’ best interest in order to drive the best possible outcomes for greater ministry impact.

We do it right or not at all

Every client can expect the very best work product and the very best client experience. We are Disney, not Six Flags.

“I love working at D+C for the Kingdom impact we get to have globally by serving our ministry partners”

Nils Smith

“I love how passionate everyone is about the work they do. There’s a strong sense of unity from the shared vision we all have and we love the people we get to work with every day”

Anna Ponton

“I love that we have fun, laugh, and get to serve amazing ministries while we do it”

Tori Christoffel

“One of things I love about D+C is the way they truly invest in their employees. Whether through training or personal growth and development, they make sure everyone is well-equipped to serve our ministry partners.”

Billy Popoff

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