Podcasting Your Big Idea

“Remember when podcasting becoming a $1 billion industry was a big deal? So quaint.”

Ariel Shapiro; Lead Reporter, Hot Pod

No question – podcasting is here to stay as it has quickly become one of the fastest growing platforms utilized by thought leaders to share their message.

Listen Notes remarks that there are now over 3 million active podcasts. And Interactive Advertising Bureau, in conjunction with PricewaterhouseCoopers, recently reported in their annual joint report on the podcasting business that while current podcasting production will generate $2 billion in 2023, it is anticipated it will skyrocket to $4 billion by the end of 2024.

Podcasting is no longer optional for ministries seeking to maximize their Kingdom impact. Yet, the good news is that it has never been easier.

Simply, find your voice and share that story!

Every successful podcast depends on a big idea – the unique concept that defines your voice and content. A podcast increases in its reach the more clarity there is about the content it is providing. Content, after all, is king.

Most content providers spend too much time considering graphics, title, and music when that time would best be used defining and refining its unique value proposition. The compelling big idea.

Your BIG IDEA is the unique concept that defines your voice and content.

So how do you discover your big idea? We believe that those who have the most powerful voices and platforms are those who find the intersection of their expertise and passion.

Here are insights on how you can use your expertise and passion to drive that big idea home:

What do you know that very few others know? That’s your big idea. Don’t major in generalities – dig deep into one thing and always keep that the main thing. Read everything you can find on your big idea and keep in mind that what listeners want most is authenticity, so limit your speculation and empty banter. Host guests who are also experts give your channel credibility. Give people a reason to listen again and again because you increase their knowledge around your big idea.


Your expertise often coincides with your passions. After all, it was your passion that drove you to become an expert in the first place! Listeners will fall in love with what you love and can clearly discuss passionately. Build excitement among your listeners by frequently reflecting on your own journey and how you became interested in this big idea.

So where do your expertise and passion intersect? Discover that crossover and you’ve found your big idea. Don’t be discouraged if someone else has already voiced your big idea; that only means you’re on to something. The podcast marketplace has plenty of room for your unique contribution. Strive to strike a great balance between fresh information and fun, and your listeners will return again and again.

God has created and called you to play a unique role in the redemption of all things and to share His Good News with a hurting and seeking world. Now, because of podcasting, this task has never been easier!


Dunham+Company is at the forefront of this growing industry and is proud to offer this service to its clients as a strategic tool to reach your desired audience. For more information about how we can serve your ministry, email our Director of Podcasting, Chris Lawson, at clawson@dunhamandcompany.com.

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