Are you an Advocate?

Publicising your ministry is an important part of your strategy.

Engaging the media to share stories of lives transformed is effective in raising your profile – as well as in bringing momentum to your overarching fundraising initiatives.

Generally, if you provide good content, then you’ll find favour – in the Christian media especially.

In my opinion, though, your biggest opportunity is your own personal PR and influence. If you’re not the biggest advocate of your ministry, then you can’t expect others to feel enthusiastic about it.

More than just what’s on your LinkedIn profile or what you say from the platform, how do you talk about your ministry in the everyday?

If you’re struggling, then I encourage you to find the source of your frustration. The most common roadblocks are the people, systems or processes you’re working with. Although all of these factors can leave you feeling agitated, don’t confuse them as the ministry itself.

Hearing a CEO or Executive Director trivialise or complain about their ministry in conversation is heartbreaking. It might not be said from a platform, but if it’s your core belief, it will eventually reveal itself. When you’re asked about your ministry, and your immediate response is to discuss all the things that aren’t working, you’ve missed an opportunity to engage people in the heart of God’s Kingdom.

To be clear, don’t mislead people or fake your enthusiasm. Put in the work to find the source of the struggle and then deal with it. If you’re not the biggest fan, take the time to figure out what’s holding you back, and go back to your why.

Why are you there? Why do you feel called? Why this ministry and not another?

Your words are powerful. Your best PR is what you’re saying when you’re not in the spotlight.

Remind yourself of your God-given purpose and use every opportunity to speak life into God’s work.

See your role as being an advocate for the impact He’s making through your ministry. And if you’re not being that advocate, put in the work to find your way back.

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