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You have a vision…

Don’t grow weary of doing good.
Don’t tire of fulfilling your calling.

Because you’re a Kingdom builder.
And we are here to help cause your vision to come into effect.

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Current Clients

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“The Dunham Family has completely transformed the team at Pray.com, our approach to media ministry, and the way we embrace building a Kingdom business. It’s rare to find such innovative folks that bridge the gap between Church, Technology, and Media.”

Steve Gatena, Pray.com

“Dunham+Company has been really instrumental in developing what donor support and donor relationships should look like for our organization.”

Dennis Carter, Executive Director for Allan Houston Legacy Foundation

“It is energizing and refreshing to work with Dunham+Company and I’m so excited to see where the Lord will take Hope Children’s Home in the future. I’m very thankful for the Dunham team and their expertise. They are so helpful, responsive, and a joy to work with!”

Mandy Higgins, Hope Children's Home

“Dunham+Company has been a huge help and a tremendous blessing to me and my ministry. I’ve learned a lot about fundraising, the digital space, online media, and social media. What you’ve committed to as an organization is helping Bible teaching, Jesus-centered ministries expand their ministry online. And as a Bible teacher, I’m really grateful.”

Mark Driscoll, Trinity Church

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