Developing Technologies – Don’t Get Left Behind

Getting ahead of developing technologies could be the key to greater impact for your organization. But how, you ask?

1. Don’t ignore them.

Consider Kodak and the camera, or Blockbuster’s DVDs. They each had opportunities to get ahead, yet they chose not to. These technologies are evolving so fast and we simply can’t ignore them. Don’t look at Snapchat filters and think, “That’s silly and just for kids.” Well, it might seem silly today, but I believe it could shape our future in significant ways.

2. Don’t force them.

Going ‘all in’ with these new technologies too early can be very expensive and inefficient. Dip your toes in but don’t throw every penny in the bucket. Just watch and pay attention.

3. Efficiently invest in them.

Find efficient ways to invest financial resources, time, and energy into these new and developing technologies in order to stay ahead.

Getting Practical

How can I use virtual reality within my organization?

A virtual reality 360 photo is a 360-degree image, just like a photo or a video that fits within your rectangular box. But instead, you can look in all different directions in this space. Facebook and YouTube are both currently using 360 videos.

In a 360 video, you choose your own experience as the viewer, because the content of the video is happening in all directions.

Since virtual reality is not a medium where people are watching long films, you can tell short stories in a five to eight minute video. You can also offer a tour of your organization or use multiple screens for a Bible reading or teaching experience. It can be a powerful tool!

How can I use augmented reality within my organization?

I think the immediate opportunity lies with photo filters. This is a very simple way for people to create their own personalized content with your digital layer augmented into their present reality.

For instance, Nick Vujicic with Life Without Limbs recently created a filter from a live event he was hosting. Everyone attending the event was able to place that filter over the photos they took. It was a created, digital layer placed on top of the physical layer they were capturing in their photos.

How can I use artificial intelligence within my organization?

One of my favorite developing technologies is Messenger Bots.

Specifically, Poncho is a weather app within Facebook. Poncho asks you a series of questions about yourself. It will ask where you live, what time, and how often you want weather updates. Then it will send a message to your phone made just for you. It’s based on the data that Poncho has of weather sources from all over the world, a truly customized experience.

A Messenger Bot has three core functionalities. It has broadcast, menu, and artificial intelligence.

An example of broadcast would be someone signing up for your email list. If they sign up for messages, you’re going to then ‘broadcast’ those messages out. You can even communicate to people in certain segments, such as a daily devotional.

The next layer is a menu functionality. Think about how you navigate a menu on a website, by choosing the top item which creates a drop-down menu. A bot is similar in that it takes you down whatever path you choose. You give people options of information to help guide their path and better understand where they want to go.

Lastly, artificial intelligence allows you to automatically communicate in a personalized way based on the data you’ve collected. This happens through computerized systems, built on the intelligence developed through these technologies. By routine, the computers learn how people interact and how we desire to communicate back with them, creating more efficient communication systems in the most customized way.

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