A Ministry in Your Pocket

The Infinite Dial, released by Edison Research, is an annual report that provides data around digital media consumption in its different forms. And one of those forms is audio consumption.

Let’s explore the data.

In-car audio consumption

Research shows that AM/FM radio consumption remains fairly flat. However, there is noticeable growth in the way people are consuming podcasts and online radio (such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Prime Music). The only area that shows a noticeable decline is CD players.

Since car companies are no longer putting CD players in the cars, many people no longer use them.

It’s important to look at this data and understand how people are consuming media with your particular organization, and how you can skew older or younger in the type of person that consumes your content.

Cell phone audio consumption

Audio consumption through a cell phone is showing significant growth. Specifically, audio consumption through a cell phone in the car is up four percentage points from 2019.

So often, it comes down to convenience!

Consumption through Sirius XM has also shown a steady growth over the last few years as indicated by this report. If your organization has the ability to be on a platform that’s nationwide and growing, take advantage of it.

Over all, cell phone data shows this truth: “We are a ministry in your pocket… all the time.”

Don’t think of your ministry on a CD or not accessible at different moments. Instead, it’s right there in your pocket, anytime you’re ready.

Radio is not dead

This data tells us that 81% of people continue to listen to the radio in their car. It was 81% last year and 82% the year before that. Radio is far from dying and it’s still twice the size of anything else right now from an engagement perspective in the car.

We work with various radio ministries and there’s just something special about it. You have localized and relevant content, personalities, and relationships. AM/FM consumption is attractive to people on a different level than listening to a podcast.

Having said that, podcasting continues to grow as many begin to see themselves as media organizations and not as monolithic radio organizations.

Paying attention to these trends and adjusting accordingly is crucial.

Truly, the numbers tell the story!

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