A Winning Commitment to the “Long Game”

I was recently asked to speak at a corporate event for a major company in the Christian media space.

In my presentation there was one key point that seemed to get the most heads nodding in agreement:

“Ministries who ultimately win… are willing to play the long game.”

Really, any organization that ultimately wins is willing to play the long game.

That has been the experience at Dunham+Company as well as so many of the great churches, ministries, and nonprofits we’re privileged to serve.

We all want quick wins, easy growth, and limitless impact. These aren’t wrong desires. When the growth unfolds at a rapid pace it is fun, energizing, and invigorating.  Every one of us loves that!

But reality will eventually sink in, and the truth of the hard work that it takes to grow any organization in a healthy, sustainable manner will hit home.

I have personally walked with many of you through many years of growth. Some of them have been gloriously easy, and some have been incredibly tough.

But one of the things that I love most about my job is locking arms and taking the tough, consistent, intentional steps that we all know need to happen no matter the season we find ourselves in.

Fortunately, it is so much easier to do that alongside one another because we have a higher calling and a mission that is clear, is from our Creator, and that doesn’t change regardless of how easy or hard the season and the path to tremendous Kingdom impact is.

So as we get our arms elbow-deep into 2019, be encouraged as you relentlessly pursue the steadfast, intentional plans you have been working on.

God is faithful and He has equipped you specifically for this moment.

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