5 Ideas to MAXIMIZE the Power of Facebook Live

Facebook Live is the hottest trend in social media right now. We’re seeing so much engagement around this new feature, and I believe every organization has a unique opportunity to use this feature within Facebook.

There are many reasons why Facebook Live is hot, but I believe it’s the authenticity that generally comes out through this function that best captures the attention of Facebook users. Here are five ideas that I hope might stir your ministry to begin maximizing Facebook Live:

  1. Impact Moments – I believe this is the best and most effective use of the platform. Share a thought from the heart about something you’ve been thinking about. For a faith-based organization it might be a devotional thought. Or take 2-5 minutes to share an impact story. Keeping it personal and sharing from the heart maximizes the authenticity factor that engages so well through this feature.
  2. Organizational Update – People want to hear from the leader about what’s going on in your organization. Taking just a few minutes to share an update in a very natural way, as well as answering any questions live, provides great transparency for your organization and greater connection for those who care deeply about it.
  3. Behind the Scenes – Go behind the scenes in your workspace, ministry center, charitable work, church building, etc., sharing a perspective that those connected to your organization might not normally get to see.
  4. Meet the Team – There are always volunteers and staff members of every organization that people might never see or know the work that they’re doing. Take a minute to introduce them publicly and allow those connected to the organization to get to know them in a personal way.
  5. Live From – Act like a news reporter and go live from an event, worship service, outreach activity, special program, etc. For those who can’t be there physically, this is a way for them to feel a deeper connection to the organization work that is happening all the time.

What are you waiting for? Pick one of these and go Live on Facebook right now. See what happens. I think you might be surprised by the response.

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