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Social Media

The goal for social media isn’t just more likes or followers—it’s a larger universe to engage, motivate, and leverage social platforms for database and donor growth. Dunham+Company can help you enlarge your social footprint through social content development and scheduling, social advertising, and social media response.

Social Content Development

Dunham+Company develops engaging content as an extension of the brand and optimized content-deployment schedules for our clients based on data analysis according to a proven content balance strategy. We ensure we are constantly analyzing results as quickly as they happen and take pride in our ability to stay on the pulse of the latest social media trends and innovation.

Social Advertising

Dunham+Company can drive and deliver even greater growth results by managing paid social campaigns, including acquisition efforts on Facebook that yield the most exponential expansion. From optimizing key platform attributes for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, to managing your ad budget, we strive to make your investment in social media produce a more invested online community.

Social Media Response

Content is only half of the job on social media. Especially with the changes in Facebook’s algorithm, creating an engaging social audience is more and more important. According to 2018 research, 89% of messages to brands on social media never get responded to, but almost 50% of Millennials and Gen Xers are currently following them. The posts that Dunham+Company create are meant to drive up engagement and therefore increase your reach, but followers will only continue to engage with you if you are engaging with them. We provide proven strategy around 24/7 response to keep your community involved in what you share with them on social media.

Social Media Research

Dunham+Company relies on data to drive the strategies with the ever-changing algorithm in the social media world. Starting with our 2015 study, Dunham+Company conducted our first Social Media Scorecard research project and updated the study in 2018 to continue to keep the pulse on social media algorithms and provide strategies accordingly. These research pieces have driven the proprietary set of strategies to maximize social media algorithms for our client’s impact and reach when it comes to response and content on social media.

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