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Dunham+Company serves a number of ministries in the radio, television, and outdoor space, coming alongside them to effectively and efficiently achieve their unique goals.  Depending on a ministry’s needs, Dunham+Company tailors a partnership to best meet their individual goals and challenges. With a wide range of capabilities, Dunham+Company can serve a ministry client in a number of areas:

Agency of Record

For many broadcast ministries, Dunham+Company serves as the agency of record.  This entails handling all aspects related to the placement of a radio or television program on stations in the US and around the world. This includes things like station negotiations, contract management, billing and station payments, affiliate relations, performance evaluation, and ongoing monitoring.

We work alongside broadcast ministries to determine how we’re going to evaluate the success of our radio and television partnerships, and then we diligently measure the performance of each outlet against predetermined benchmarks and industry standards. In cases where stations are underperforming, we work with them to determine intervention strategies so goals can be achieved.

Production Services

Dunham+Company also produces radio and television content in all varieties: daily radio programs, television programs, radio and television commercials, and social media videos. We can handle all aspects of radio and television production, including pre-production, strategy, audio and video capture, lighting and set design, and post-production. If an organization already has production capabilities, we work alongside an organization’s production team to ensure that the final product is best-of-class and includes the right elements to capture the audience’s attention.

Audience Data Services

As Nielsen Audio and comScore subscribers, Dunham+Company has excellent intelligence into the listening and viewing habits of media consumers. This allows us to evaluate radio and television long-form and spot opportunities, and to recommend those stations, airtimes, and programs with the best audience for a ministry’s investment. This data also allows us to estimate the number of listeners or viewers a ministry program is reaching each week so that adjustments can be made to reach the most people.  

Local Event Promotion

Dunham+Company also works with churches to help promote upcoming events and sermon series in their local communities. We work with the client to determine the appropriate budget for the project, and we contact local radio and television stations, outdoor companies, and cable providers to determine the best way to reach the most people to help get the word out about a church’s events.

Dunham+Company also assists churches in helping promote their Easter and Christmas church services, grand openings, special sermon series, and Vacation Bible Schools. At the conclusion of each campaign, we report back to the local church to let them know how many impressions their message received.

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