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Dunham+Company provides a seamless experience for your donors who choose to support and invest in the ministry through transformative gifts. Major donors have the ability to propel an organization forward with a single gift, and mid-level donors, if stewarded well, are the organization’s future wellspring of growth potential.

Across both disciplines, Dunham+Company develops and implements custom, yet proven strategies to identify, cultivate, solicit, and steward donors in the mid and major gift levels; aligning the donor’s philanthropic heartbeat with the mission and vision of the organization. Our full-service approach develops, implements, advises, and manages effective strategies to grow your number of these high-value donors and the related revenue over time. The following outlines some of the services we provide our clients:

Program Infrastructure

We develop and address the management, measurement, and performance of your donors in portfolio(s), aid in the establishment of your database field structure, and guide decisions and action plans through empirical data with the use of our Major Gift “CIA Report.”

Donor Research

By utilizing wealth screening, prospect research, gift history, and behavioral analytics, Dunham+Company is able to uncover donors who are ready to increase their financial commitment to the organization.

Case Development

Because we understand what is needed by your field staff to clearly communicate the case for support, we will develop, write, design, and produce the collateral in its four iterative formats.

Communication Planning

We develop an integrated fundraising approach across all applicable channels of communication to properly steward your mid and major gift donors. This approach enables the organization to streamline internal resources and efforts, while providing a seamless experience for the donor.

Ongoing Strategy

Through monthly meetings with your mid and major gift staff, we provide counsel, strategy, and tactical recommendations for donor engagements.

Event Counsel

Because donor events require the organization to ‘put their best foot forward’, we help with selecting the right donors for attendance, itinerary and location recommendations, how to make the ask, onsite counsel, and even follow-up strategies to secure donor funding.

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