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To fully understand Dunham+Company, it’s important to know that we are more than a direct mail agency. Dunham+Company is a strategic, integrated fundraising, marketing, and communications consulting group solely focused on working with Christian ministries worldwide. In partnership with them, we create custom, integrated fundraising, communications, and constituency development programs that are designed to meet their unique needs.

We don’t believe in syndicated fundraising programs built on a “rinse and repeat” philosophy. Our fundraising strategies are based on over 40 years of experience, best practices, data analytics, and donor-centric research.

The Dunham+Company High Impact Cycle™ (below) helps illustrate our holistic approach to address the four core drivers to a healthy development program: acquisition of donors, conversion of those new donors into multiple-gift supporters, cultivation of those relationships to bring those donors to their highest level of potential, and retention of donors for the long term, which is the single most important driver to increased revenue.

What makes this framework effective is the integrated strategy and its execution, supported on all sides by the effective management of the brand strategy with a range of tactical expressions also available for deployment. This approach enables layering of strategies from which sustainable and scalable donated revenue can be achieved for the long-term growth of the ministry.

Dunham+Company understands that in order to most effectively communicate and inspire a ministry’s support base and continually grow their heart for the mission, we must integrate the messaging, the creative, and the timing of your individual campaigns across multiple communications channels.

Not only are the multiple impressions of a campaign important and often necessary to move someone to give, but our research shows that 38% of donors will choose to go online to give when they receive a direct mail appeal. This makes it vital to have your online presence reflect whatever is in the mail, or you risk confusing donors or looking schizophrenic as an organization… or both.

Dunham+Company is committed to continual research to help inform our integrated, multi-channel fundraising strategies. For example, according to our research, 6 out of 10 donors say they have given an online gift. Furthermore, our latest study found that 1 out of 4 donors have used their smartphone or tablet to give online, making mobile optimization an absolute necessity.

Multi-channel communication is more imperative than ever because email communication is not the major driver for online giving. Because other channels like direct mail are so important for driving online revenue, all channels of donor communication must be integrated. This will only increase long-term retention and donor value as, based on a Target Analytics study by Blackbaud, those who give through both offline and online channels have a much higher retention rate (58%, compared to 29% for offline only and 23% for online only).

Dunham+Company’s research also shows that 64% of organizations do not send direct mail to online donors. Yet, more than 1 out of 10 donors say direct mail is what drove their online contribution. This is yet another reason it becomes imperative to integrate all available channels if fundraising success is to be achieved and if donors are to be retained for the long term.

Our focus on fully integrated strategies ensures all donor cultivation communication channels are brought into alignment each month. This can include direct mail appeals, e-appeals, homepage banners, the online giving form, newsletters or magazines, e-newsletters, email testimonies, social media posts, receipt mail thank-you letters, and outbound donor care calls.

Dunham+Company practices a rigorous internal discipline of reviewing expense and revenue compared with the annual master budget, which ensures we come in at or under expense and at or above revenue projections. Dunham+Company takes this process very seriously as a matter of wise financial stewardship.

Our commitment is to a continuous cycle of improvement and refinement that helps each organization achieve the highest level of performance—always focused on ensuring the development of a sustainable and scalable funding base. Our strategies are designed to make certain that whatever money is invested generates the best possible impact and return, with the ultimate goal of generating maximum net revenue to support organizational needs.

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