The Other Church Holiday

When we think about the most anticipated events within the local church, certainly Easter and Christmas are the first that come to mind. These two holidays bring with them our most significant opportunities for outreach and typically our highest attendance. But there’s another occasion that, perhaps now more than ever, demands our attention in 2021.

It’s what we like to call “Back to School.”

And unlike one specific day, this season lasts anywhere from early August through the end of September.

For whatever reason, when summer winds down and kids are back in school, there seems to be a natural shift in our cultural psyche to get back into church.  It might come from a desire to be a better parent, a positive online experience during the pandemic, or a great summer camp/VBS experience for the kids. Whatever the reason, people seem more open to attending church in August and September.

That’s why whether online or in person, we believe now is the time to invite and inspire your members to get involved in the life of your church. In fact, we’re expecting this pattern to only intensify as COVID-19 restrictions are lifted and people once again become comfortable with crowds.

So here are a few proven strategies to pave the way for more impact come August:

  1. Spruce up your “online front door”:
    • Make sure your website is inviting, informative, and inspiring.
    • Connect with your audience through social media and expand your reach.
    • Streamline your online experience from a technical and production standpoint.
  1. Have something relevant to talk about:
    • Introduce a new teaching series that strikes a relevant felt need.
    • Promote children’s ministry events and activities.
    • Share stories of life change that connect with your community.
  1. Develop a digital and analog plan to promote your church this fall:
    • Create a fall campaign with a creative hook, along with branding that piques interest.
    • Leverage social media ads and postings to get the attention of your audience and drive them to your website.
    • Consider strategic times to air your TV/Radio ads.
    • Create content-rich email campaigns that will engage your attendees and volunteers.
    • Ignite excitement within your leadership and volunteer teams.
    • Deliver!

As you prepare for this upcoming “Back to School” season, we’re rooting for you! We’re asking God to grant you passion, energy and favor as He goes before you. The Spirit of God is moving throughout His church – and we want to be here for it! 

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