Danielle Rice
Chief Strategist for Digital + Data Science

Danielle joined the Dunham+Company team in 2018 with over six years of marketing experience.

As Chief Strategist for Digital + Data, she works to identify opportunities to help ministries analyze and optimize their digital influence. Her years of integrated marketing experience have allowed her to understand the data and creative influences on the success of multichannel campaigns.

After her time executing concept creation projects in the for-profit sector, she transitioned to applying her unique experience in finding solutions for retail companies to nonprofit organizations. Working with nonprofits such as MD Anderson, K-LOVE Radio, and the American Kidney Fund have fueled her passion for the positive impact that can be made when data and creativity are combined.

Danielle’s inquisitive nature to understand the data behind human interaction causes her to stay informed of digital trends and best practices. Her goal-oriented approach allows her to identify key tactics that will deliver results.

Danielle earned a Bachelor of Science in Journalism from the University of Kansas and a Master of Professional Studies in Communication Management from the University of Denver.

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