How Do I Follow Up After My Fundraising Event?

Your fundraising event is over and let’s be honest… you’re feeling tempted to unplug and go on a much needed vacation!

Before you unwind from all of your hard work, it’s crucial to put follow-up strategies into place so you can get a successful return on investment from the event.

Here are four great ideas:

1. Stay connected!

How will you re-engage with your donors post-event? Did you provide a follow-up card, or ask any questions about how they would like to be involved in the future? How will that secondary conversation take place? Perhaps you even stated from the stage, as part of your “ask,” your intentions to contact them a few weeks after the event. This gives them time to prayerfully consider their involvement with the future of your organization. This can also take place in one-on-one conversations at the event.

2. Write it down!

Who’s taking notes? Someone needs to be responsible for writing down important things to remember for your follow-ups. Did a donor want more information on a specific subject? Did someone make a verbal pledge or ask to be contacted at a later time? Make sure someone is compiling these notes and that they are addressed in the weeks following your event.

3. Give gifts!

Give your guests some kind of sentimental token or gift from your event. This will not only cause them to feel valued and appreciated, but it will also serve as a reminder of the experience they had there. Some examples might include a framed picture with the featured speaker, beads made by children in Africa, or a small vial of water that represents the well your guests invested in over in Saudi Arabia. Give them something tangible to take with them.

4. Go old-school – write a thank you note!

A handwritten note from the leader of your organization, a board member, or someone of notoriety goes a long way. You can also take that opportunity to provide follow-up materials from the event coupled with the thank-you note. They gave of their time and resources to support your organization, and a personal touch like this speaks straight into how much you value them.

These follow-up strategies will help to seal the heart of your mission into the hearts of your donors. And now… you can book that vacation!

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