Transitions in Ministry: How do I know when it’s time?

Recently, Nicole Unice joined Trent Dunham on the Decisions podcast and shared some leadership insight we hope will empower and encourage you in your leadership journey.

Transitions in ministry – they’re inevitable.

Have you ever felt as though God was orchestrating detachments in your life to get you to the place where you could be free?

There may be times when you need to stay where God has placed you and work through conflict or a shift in your role. But other times, you may sense that the sun is setting on your time there and you simply need to rip off the bandaid… and go.

If you’re wrestling with this as a leader, here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Am I still in this for the right reason?

Is the vision for what my purpose is here still the same?

Has the task God called me to initially shifted?

If it has shifted, it doesn’t necessarily mean you need to leave, but you do need clarity around where God has you now. And that takes a lot of prayer. Ask yourself the vulnerable and honest questions…

Is my ego wrapped up in this? Has it become my identity rather than what God has called me to?

Am I leaving something on the table He might have for me because I’m too proud to leave here?

Sometimes, the right conditions were present in the beginning, but ultimately God opens and closes doors that seem to point toward change. And no doubt, it can be scary.

In the end, your decision is this: Be at peace with where you are, or step out.

There’s really no other choice to be made, because remaining passive aggressive, resentful, and frustrated is not healthy for anyone.

And remember: When you stay intimately connected to Christ, the person you’re becoming has nothing to do with the position you hold.

It has everything to do with the person God is creating you to be and how He is using your relationships, leadership, influence, and even your struggles to make you more like Him.

For more insight into navigating transitions in leadership, check out the Decisions Podcast episode, Decisions with Nicole Unice.

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