Top Ten Things to Look Out for in 2021

If the whirlwind of 2020 taught us anything, it’s that a lot has changed. When it comes to giving, donor acquisition, evolving digital content, and new developments such as cryptocurrency, 2021 brings with it a brand new day.

That’s why earlier this year at our annual D+C Ministry Summit, I presented the “Top Ten Things to Look Out for in 2021.” And in addition, we just wrapped up a series on The Dunham Podcast where we unpacked this list more in depth.

So if these ten things aren’t yet on your radar, they are now!

  • 2021 Giving Outlook: There are many factors that will likely affect giving to U.S. charities in 2021. What are the influences on giving? Don’t be content with the status quo. It’s time to lean in and stay engaged. Listen here.
  • Cryptocurrency: Is your nonprofit crypto-enabled? It’s more important than ever to understand the functionality and purpose of digital money, as well as some recent trends. Listen here.
  • Clarify Your Brand and Case for Support: How are you at telling your story? In a world that’s getting noisier by the minute, you must make a distinction between your organization and others, and communicate it well. Learn how to listen and determine the felt need of your audience for greater impact in 2021. Listen here.
  • Integrate Texting Strategies: In 2021, you need a multi-channel communication plan. Text has the highest open rate of any communication channel today… so implementing a text strategy for your ministry is a must! Listen here.
  • Cultivate your Mid-Level Donors: A defined strategy to invest in your mid-level donors is so important in 2021. You need to know how to identify these donors and how to cultivate a relationship with them, keeping them engaged. Listen here.
  • Further Your Reach through Audiobooks: Do you have an audiobook strategy? Audio consumption in 2021 is greater than ever and this format has the highest engagement in publishing. Because the fact is, almost everyone is listening! Listen here.
  • Emphasize New Donor Acquisition: As a nonprofit, having an influx of new donors is more than critical. It’s necessary to think about the ways you’re attracting new people to your organization through advertising and branding. There are many facets to new donor acquisition and cultural changes in 2021 are impacting each platform. Listen here.
  • Prioritize Data: Is your data clean? Is it accurate? What are you disciplines around how you input data? Is your database management tool an asset or hindrance for your organization? Listen here.
  • Invest the Surplus Wisely: Considering the fact that giving to charity was up in 2020, it’s necessary to commit to invest your surplus wisely. With expense budgets down, you may have had more cash at the end of the year. How can you steward that well? Listen here.
  • Bring Back the QR code: With the onset of the recent pandemic, QR code use has become an everyday part of life. With more familiarity and updated technology, find ways to strategically implement this into the communication and engagement strategy of your organization. Listen here.

Be sure to join the conversation on our recent podcast episodes to dive deeper into these important tips and strategies. Along with major change comes a major opportunity to leverage what we know… and strive more than ever to make more impact in 2021.

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