One Thing Leaders Don’t Need…

There are plenty of things we need as leaders. We need time to reflect and plan. We need to distill vision to our team. We need to pursue building a great team. We need work on creating a culture of unity within that team. We need to cultivate characteristics like humility, patience, and grace.

The demands on a leader are immense and unrelenting.

That’s the reality of the job description we walk into when we take on the mantle of leadership.

But I have had a growing conviction over the past several years about one thing that we don’t need as leaders.

This conviction has grown over time as I have seen more and more leaders expressly or subtly seek this out.

What is it?


Of course, we all want affirmation, encouragement, and recognition in our lives. We are naturally wired to desire these. Both for the things we do and also for who we are.

That is jet fuel for our lives and a main reason why we tend to give more of our attention to the people and situations where we receive more affirmation, encouragement, and recognition.

And all of that recognition will come in time.

But when we as leaders seek credit for what happens in our organizations, through our teams, or anywhere in our sphere of influence, we are communicating that we are more important than those around us.

Positioning for credit tells those around us that they are replaceable, less important, and even expendable.

Rather than seeking credit, we should be constantly pushing for those around us to be recognized for their work and their contributions to the success of our organizations and customers.

The humility of highlighting others is winsome and increases the engagement of your team members.

Part of servant leadership is dishing out the credit… not soaking it all up.

So today, find someone to recognize for their work, their character, or their contribution to your culture.

You won’t regret making that investment.

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