Creating a Healthy (and Fun) Culture, Part Two

Here at D+C, we want to work really hard, but be just as comfortable playing really hard. And our Chief Culture Officer Brian Mountjoy helps us do just that.

Here is the rest of our conversation on a recent episode of The Dunham Podcast…

Trent: Brian, creating a healthy culture does not just mean having more fun around the office. Often it involves genuinely being there for people. I know you’ve had some hard conversations with people who work with us, many I’m not even aware of. That’s part of a good culture too, right?

Brian: My primary responsibility is to help our employees (I see them as family and friends) as we seek to make Kingdom impact with our ministry partners

Sometimes that looks like acting crazy and lightening the mood. Other times it means helping people articulate words and resolve conflict. Still other times it’s just listening to them and actually not saying anything. And sometimes it is challenging them, caring for them, and telling them the truth.

Trent, you and Rick have never tried to abuse these conversations by asking me about them. I appreciate that.

Trent: That’s a good point for leaders. Don’t institute a role like this for the purpose of finding out dirt on your employees. That’s totally counterproductive. That’s not the purpose of the role.

Of course, there are lines when it comes to something illegal, immoral, or unethical. But when people are coming to you in confidence with something they are struggling with, we want to give you the freedom to know that you can operate in full confidence of those people.

Two years ago, we lost an employee to cancer. It was a very tough season for the company. And the ability to see the people in the organization through a season like that is far better when they have felt cared for beforehand.

Being in a place that already exhibits those attributes takes a lot of hard work, but we saw through that season such benefit from your role and our commitment to highlighting that as a value of Dunham+Company.

Brian, what was your perspective through that?

Brian: It was a tough time, but it didn’t impact our culture in a negative way. I think because we were already in the process of continuing to improve our culture, it was a tough but good thing to go through.

And Joy, her name is really like her personality! She brought so much to the culture of D+C before I was even here. So when you lose someone as vibrant and outgoing as she was, it’s just very difficult. It left a scar, but it’s a scar that helps us remember how much joy she brought to us all. 

Trent: If I could encourage other leaders in one way, it would be to take seriously the culture of your organization. It is critically important. And it’s all about relationships.

If you aren’t naturally good at this, find a way that your organization can be good at it. I’ve learned so much from just watching Brian and how he interacts with people. And I continue to grow in that area, especially because we have chosen to make it a focus. We’re paying attention to it.

Brian, any last words of encouragement for those wanting to create a healthy culture within their organization?

Brian: Care for people, value people, listen to people, and be authentic with people. I want people to look at the culture of our company and say, “You’ve got to work at Dunham+Company… the culture there is exciting!” And I think we’re continuing to improve and take steps in that direction every day.

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