Secure: Discovering True Financial Freedom

by Rick Dunham

God wants you to know what it means to be truly secure. To live a life that is fully at peace, no longer under the weight of worry over money. Yet there’s only one way to find that security.

Secure, a powerful and personal work by author and business owner Rick Dunham, shows you how real security isn’t found in the amount of your paycheck, how many possessions you have, or the size of your portfolio. Rick’s personal journey… one that includes near financial disaster and a battle with cancer… helps you discover how you too can experience the financial freedom, personal peace, and genuine security God desires for your life.

Secure Mock Up

I found ‘Secure’ to be a good reminder to trust God enough to take risks, to realize that the failures in my own life can ultimately be redeemed, and that risking was better than playing it too safe.

J. Swan,

This book takes you on a journey, from Page One. It will leave you different and better, and… all in all, quite clear about how you can be SECURE. I endorse it wholeheartedly.

Jim Van Eerden

“Secure” was the basis for great dialogue on finances with my wife, and as our non-profit began sharing it with a few of our donors, the response was so positive we’re making it available to our entire supporter base. Now more than ever, people are desperate for security. Rick gives great guidance on where it’s found.

Michael Certalic, Executive Director, Telling the Truth Ministries

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