If God Will Provide…

If God Will Provide, Why Do We Have to Ask for Money?

by Rick Dunham

If most pastors and leaders of Christian ministries are honest, raising money to fund their ministry work is seen as a necessary evil. But what if the issue of raising money to fund God’s Kingdom work is in fact something that is dear to the heart of God? Even biblical?

In this powerful and insightful book, Rick Dunham takes his readers to Scripture to show them what God has to say on this sensitive yet crucial issue.

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Asking. It’s the thing dreaded most by ministry leaders! Year after year, ministry leaders report their struggle with the job of asking for support. Rick does a great job of helping people understand and wrestle with this very important task, and I encourage novices and seasoned ‘askers’ to read and share this book with friends.”

Dave Farquhar, President, Mission Increase Foundation

Regardless of how long you’ve been involved in helping fund ministries, you’ll finish the book with a different view of money. I have purchased this book for others… and when I learned they, too, had begun buying copies for ministry friends of theirs, I knew it was resonating with others in a big way!”

Barry Johnson, CFP, Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy, Johnson Financial Group

‘If God Will Provide, Why Do We Have to Ask for Money’ approaches fundraising from a biblical perspective that will radically change your categories.”

G. Gorman, Amazon.com review

I pray many, many pastors and Christian leaders get and read this book, not as the ultimate source on the topic of giving, but to drive them to the ultimate source (the Bible) on the topic, and truly see what God would have us understand about it.”

Larry W., Amazon.com review

Anyone involved in non-profit organizations will better understand their personal responsibilities from this concise and inspiring explanation of the role that each individual in your organization plays in the cultivation and solicitation of financial support.”

Fred J. West, Amazon.com review

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