4 Free Tools to Maximize Your #GivingTuesday Campaign

You may think that a successful GivingTuesday campaign requires a lot of initial investment. Not necessarily…

There are multiple tools and resources available to help you craft an effective campaign – at no cost. Here’s four to get you started.

1. GivingTuesday Toolkit

GivingTuesday.com has a free toolkit that offers assistance with branding, images, and resources to help set up your campaign on multiple channels. It contains logos, timelines, and even sample emails and press releases to help you ramp up the momentum already created by this event.

2.. GivingTuesday Learning Lab

You can also join the GivingTuesday Learning Lab Facebook group. Its membership includes thousands of other organizations that also want to maximize their campaign effectiveness. It’s a place where you can discuss different GivingTuesday trends and best practices as well as the resources available to your organization.

3. GivingTuesday Kids

In 2019, GivingTuesday launched GivingTuesday Kids. This new philanthropic movement is led by 12-year-old Khloe Thompson, a girl with a heart for giving and a desire for young people all over the world to get involved with volunteer projects and acts of kindness. GivingTuesday Kids is not only an opportunity for your organization to reach parents but it’s also a chance to help teach children everywhere about the importance of giving.

4. Google Analytics

As GivingTuesday progresses, track your success with Google Analytics, a free analytics tool for your website. Check it periodically during the event and see how much revenue and traffic is coming in from each channel so you can maximize every opportunity in real-time.

These four tools can help form the foundation of a successful GivingTuesday campaign. But they’re just the beginning. With a little creativity, imagination, and proven strategies, your campaign can not only reach record giving goals, but also build lasting donor relationships.

For more on GivingTuesday campaigns and strategies, check out Danielle Rice’s Dunham Institute course, Maximizing Your #GivingTuesday Strategies.

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