UPDATED: Donor Confidence in the Face of Ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic

Updated Study Indicates Giving Should Remain Steady

Donors indicate a stronger sentiment to sustain their level of giving while foreseeing a longer economic recovery.

Donor Confidence Strong In The Face Of Covid19

In April of this year, Dunham+Company commissioned a donor confidence study to seek to understand the impact the COVID-19 pandemic was having on donors and, potentially, giving. In July, with the pandemic going on its fifth month here in the US, we began to wonder if things had shifted with donors. And it has. The updated findings paint a picture of resilience among donors and their commitment to give, but also a more sober view of the economic recovery.

The updated full study features:

• Current and long-term outlook of donors
• Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on donor behavior
• Donors most likely to continue giving
• Donors’ confidence in charities

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