How to Ensure a High-performing Facebook Name Acquisition Campaign

By Jennifer Abohosh, Chief Strategist

Facebook’s targeting tools make it a potential source for strategic name acquisition. But before you launch a campaign, you’ll want to take a look at what we’ve learned about how to ensure the highest performance of a Facebook name acquisition campaign.

Advertising on Facebook is easy to set up and often very economical, depending on the depth of your targeting. Here are six tips and tricks that will help ensure your campaign is built for success:

Exclusive Value Proposition

What value are you going to give your prospects in exchange for their personal information? Define your value proposition around a product or offer that is exclusive to your organization and has a high-perceived value to your target audience.

A model we’ve seen that produces results is giving away part of a resource for free and following up with an “add-on” resource offer. For example, you might give away the first chapter of a highly relevant book to your audience as a PDF download, which has a high enough perceived value to your audience for a name acquisition.

Vivid Images

Once you’ve determined a value-packed offer that’s hard to turn down, select strong, clear imagery to support the message. Images of people are the most engaging. Choose pictures of people (faces perform better than item images) paired with graphics and text that will catch your prospect’s attention long enough for them to click on your ad. To reduce bounce rate, the landing page should have a look and feel that is compatible with the ad.

Single Call-to-Action

Facebook limits the number of words you can use in an ad, so choose your words wisely. Tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do. The clearer you are in the ad, the more likely you will get a conversion on the landing page. And don’t forget to choose a clear call-to-action button to go along with your messaging.

Mobile-Optimized Landing Page

If you’re serving up mobile Facebook ads, you definitely want to have a mobile-optimized landing page. This is important because a third of the 1.32 billion Facebook users only log in on their phone or mobile device. If you’re unable to create a mobile-optimized landing page on your website, try serving ads to Desktop users only.

One-Click Donation Form

Anything more than a single-click form to capture the name on your landing page, and your conversion rate will plummet. Remember: Fast and easy reduces friction!

Ongoing Communication Stream

Your acquired names are only as valuable as the ongoing communication you send to convert them to donors. So before you start adding new names into the funnel, be sure your ongoing communication stream is high-performing. Your goal should be one email per week that illustrates the impact when someone supports your organization and other relevant content that will help move the heart of that person to support your organization.

Following these guidelines will ensure that your Facebook name acquisition campaign is firing on all cylinders.