Donor Confidence Strong in the Face of COVID-19

While Families Feel Economic Impact of COVID-19 Giving Should Remain Steady

A majority of donors (53 percent) say they plan to continue giving, but more carefully than before in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, based on a new study of 630 US donors sponsored by Dunham+Company and conducted from April 17-21 by Campbell Rinker. Just 20 percent said they would stop giving until the economy is back up and running.

The remaining 28 percent said they would keep giving regardless of the pandemic. This sentiment is especially strong among donors who frequent religious services at least weekly, with 40 percent indicating their ongoing commitment to giving, which is more than double the percentage of those who do not frequent religious services (19 percent).

The oldest donors, regular churchgoers, and self-described conservative donors were significantly more likely to say their giving would remain unchanged compared to younger donors, less frequent churchgoers, and liberal donors.

The updated full study features: Donor Confidence Strong In The Face Of Covid 19 Ipad

• Current and long-term outlook of donors
• Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on donor behavior
• Donors most likely to continue giving
• Donors’ confidence in charities

“Even though donors know the economy is in a world of hurt, they are much more confident that it will rebound more quickly now compared to how donors felt back in 2018 when the economy was picking up steam,” Dunham said.

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