Donor Confidence Continues to Decline as Economy Takes Toll

Your donors are feeling cynical. Here’s why…

According to this latest donor confidence study, U.S. donors indicate they are pulling back on giving even more than last year, primarily because of the toll the economy has taken on their personal financial situation. And Australian donors are pulling back because of inflation. Donors from both countries also express the most significant degree of pessimism about their giving in the future since 2020. 

This free, in-depth study is designed to help you better understand their thinking in the midst of a shaky economy. Why are they pulling back? Is there hope for the future? What can we do in the meantime?

With the most up-to-date data, you’ll discover fresh insights to inform your strategy and maximize your impact in the days ahead.  

So get the latest research specific to donor confidence in 2023 and download your free digital copy of the full study today!

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