Maintaining Momentum Post-Easter

Looking back on this past Easter, it’s such a joy to know that so many people heard the gospel on a multitude of platforms. Praise God for how He is using such a variety of channels to spread the Good News of Jesus!

For many people, Easter is one of the few times each year when they are inclined to attend a church service. That means it’s a great opportunity to introduce unchurched families to the life of a vibrant local church in their community.

So, you reached a lot of people this Easter… now what?

It’s important to not think of Easter attendance as a one-and-done activity. There is an opportunity to continue the momentum.

One way to continue the momentum is through an ongoing digital advertising strategy.

Did you run digital advertising in promotion of Easter beforehand? Did you gather information on those who attended your Easter services – whether first-time visitors, new members, or anyone else that filled out a form online or in-person?

If the answer is yes to either of these (hopefully both!), then with an ongoing digital advertising strategy, you’re able to capitalize on retargeting those individuals for deeper engagement.

And with a consistent plan, you will bring even greater awareness to the community, drive them to your website, YouTube channel, or social media page, and hopefully encourage them to make a decision to engage further with your ministry.

Here are a few tips to maintain momentum post-Easter:
  1.  A new sermon series – Create ads around a new teaching series launching after Easter. Remember to capitalize on felt needs that will be addressed.
  2.  Summer family events – Create ads to target families related to your summer programming for children and youth, like camps and VBS. Parents make summertime plans early, so now’s the time to start. It’s not unusual for churches to see a swell in new people attending in August because their children attended a summer event.
  3.  Fall teaching series and Fall children/student events – Create ads that connect a timely Fall series and children/student events that support parents and families during the stressful back-to-school period.
  4.  Christmas season – Create an ad campaign for Christmas services. This is another time of year that people are more likely to attend church, even more so than Easter.

So, how are your post-Easter outreach plans going, and what strategies are you employing to keep visitors engaged past Easter Sunday?

Here at Dunham+Company, we believe in the local church and love walking alongside churches to help them cut through the noise and reach more people with the message of the gospel.

If you’d like to talk through opportunities for your church, learn more here.

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