Google Analytics 4 – Is it for Me?

Who doesn’t want to improve their website engagement and reach their online goals? Google Analytics 4 is rolling out and promises to help you do just that.

Here’s what we know about these powerful digital analytics…

Google Analytics is an online tracking platform that helps you understand how a user engages with your website. You can see what content performs the best, where traffic is coming from, audience insights, and whether or not you’re reaching your desired website goals.

Best of all, the platform is free! It’s a pivotal tool for digital marketers and is now even more effective with the release of the new version, Google Analytics 4.

One of the most exciting benefits of the new version is the ability to measure a user’s journey across multiple domains and platforms, including mobile apps. Google Analytics 4 refers to these as “streams.” Multiple streams are fed into one property for a more accurate view of how users are engaging with your organization. Learn more about what’s coming with Google Analytics 4.

We expect this new version to be a slow yet intentional roll out by Google. And here at D+C, we’ve seen an increase in communications about Google Analytics 4 now that the tool is out of beta.

Unfortunately, there’s no easy upgrade button. Google Analytics 4 will need to duplicate your existing tracking, and many platforms simply aren’t prepared for that.

My recommendation is this: Set up Google Analytics 4 and continue with business as usual. Because it requires you to set up new tracking, you won’t be able to carry over your tracking history.

However, the easy set up process is worth the additional insights. And in a year or so, you’ll be glad you made the effort.

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