More Awareness.

More Effectiveness.

More Kingdom Impact.

Do you have questions and big dreams for how your church can:
  • Define your brand message and communicate it consistently and creatively
  • Optimize your sermon content for streaming, YouTube, and social media
  • Leverage digital advertising to reach more people for the Kingdom
  • Build and scale an efficient infrastructure for greater effectiveness
  • Implement a multi-channel strategy for your church
An effective strategy for your church is more important now than ever as it can lead to:
  • More people hearing the truth of the Gospel
  • An intentional and personal church experience
  • Connection and growth in community
  • Generous giving
  • Lives being changed forever
Church Greeting

The power of a full marketing agency…
with a heart for the local church.

We are a full-service marketing agency that can come alongside you to help you execute and accomplish your goals, no matter what your needs may be.

Whether it is…

  • Infrastructure
  • Creative support
  • Strategic planning
  • Data analytics
  • Media buying
  • Trusted advice

… we have a team that can collaborate with your team to make it happen.

Our goal is to bring peace to your leadership and measurable results that exceed your expectations. 

Our number one value is Kingdom Impact. Our team has spent years on the front lines of church ministry, and we understand the multitude of demands on pastors and ministry leaders. We want to relieve the pressure and partner with you to steward your vision and message to reach more people and see lives changed forever.

30 minute discovery call

Where to Start

A Free 30-Minute Discovery Call

Let’s talk through your needs, pain points, and vision to reach your community.

And if you want to dig deeper…

Schedule a High Impact Workshop today. Spend a full day with our team and together we’ll evaluate where you are, where you want to be and outline the strategic plan to help you get there. The workshop includes an evaluation of digital engagement platforms including your website, database, social media, online giving experience, media distribution channels (podcast, live streaming, etc.) and how the reach and impact of these platforms can be maximized for your church.

Upon completion of the workshop, Dunham+Company will prepare a roadmap that will clearly articulate the measures of success and the determined High Impact Targets (HITs) along with a strategic plan to help your church make significant progress toward the HITs.

The Team

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