When It Comes to Your Brand, You’re Worth Differentiating

No two people are the same.

So that means that while your brand may occupy the same category as others, as a brand “person,” that’s where the similarities stop. You have one stand-alone truth that will clearly differentiate you from “competitive” alternatives in the marketplace – and that means in your target market’s mind too.

With a brand strategy, you’ll lead with the bigger “why” of your existence and purpose, and in doing so, move beyond the fundamentals of your “what.” It’s a genuine distinction that a brand strategy will identify, but not create. Because the power of who you are is already within your brand’s DNA. It’s simply recognizing it and crafting this powerful truth into your own unique brand promise.

Without identifying and expressing your point of differentiation, your marketing is relegated to informing, not inspiring. It risks your current audience being courted by others, and the decisions of prospective markets defaulting to rational reasons alone.

The good news is that by identifying the power of your single-minded truth, when it’s aligned emotively with the aspirations of your audience, it’ll reposition you from being in a “horizontal selection” with other brands to a vertical preference. Because you’ve just given them that number one reason to put you at the top of their consideration list.

Why? Because in their minds, you’ll represent a resolution to a need that your target audience is looking for. Once revealed, they won’t want to live without you. And equally, once you’ve discovered what makes you different, you’ll never be the same again – because your marketing won’t be either. It’ll affect everything from the inside of your brand, out.

That’s the effectiveness of brand strategy.

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