When It Comes to Your Brand, Shared Values Create Deeper Connections

Each of us is a relational being with innate desires to build relationships. And that includes your prospective target audience who is looking to engage with you as a “person.” They just don’t know it yet.

Whether conscious of it or not, people choose to live with a few trusted brands in their daily lives. And for that reason, emotive connections – while firmly built on an authentic truth about the brand – have long proven to override a purely functional approach to marketing.

Few realize that it’s emotion that’s ultimately driving the bus. And thanks to neuroscience, it’s a proven fact – people feel before they think. All of .09 seconds to be exact. The brand experiences that Coca-Cola, Starbucks, or even Harley Davidson promise can’t all be wrong. They take their target audiences to another place to which they aspire, and therefore want – and that only a relationship with these brands can provide.

So when consumers are considering a brand to support or purchase, it’s not what they know; it’s what they feel that matters most.

It’s why a singular point of difference that’s built squarely on the shared values of your target audience is so important. Because it has the basis of a strong and lasting relationship. It creates relevance and relevance creates connection because there’s common empathy. And as your brand is consistently communicated, it develops a “persona” in their minds.

You’ll become their new best friend. And it’ll give those you care about that one powerful reason why they can’t live without you.

That’s the effectiveness of brand strategy.

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