Why You CAN’T LIVE Without Brand Strategy

In today’s unrelenting world, we can all relate to the distinction between existing and truly living. And it equally applies to your brand. Whether you’re defined as a ministry or an organization, in an increasingly cluttered market, we all have one thing in common: None of us can afford to exist as a me-too brand.

It’s challenging the best of us. And as Scott Bedbury famously quoted, “Unless a brand evolves, it dies.” Brands today must continue evolving to maintain relevance so they’re effectively cutting through, being heard, and driving demand.

So how do you do it? Through the development of a brand strategy.

Why? Because by renewing relevance, it gives you definition in a commodity market.

While a brand strategy is designed to do many things, most significantly, it will identify a singular point of difference that’s unique to you alone – and here’s a hint. It’s all about your “Why” – not your “What.”

A brand strategy will set you apart. And as it does, it’ll give your prospective target market new reasons to consider you, while reinforcing the relationships you already have. All said, you’ll have more people wanting you in their lives. Because they realize the one thing you represent is something they can’t live without.

That’s the effectiveness of brand strategy.

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