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Impact more lives

You want more. More hearts touched. More lives transformed. And more communities impacted. But for most non-profits, there’s a gap between what you can afford to do and what you want to do.

At Dunham+Company, our promise is simple: through our fundraising, marketing, and media expertise we will help you create more impact.

Cause and effect

The Dunham+Company Difference

With over 40 years’ experience in fundraising and marketing, Dunham+Company knows a thing or two about delivering more to its clients. It’s why we’ve created our carefully honed 5-step Cause+Effect difference.

Just like the laws of nature, we join forces with our clients to create a catalytic effect that not only transforms their organization, but also touches lives all around the world.

Holistic Thinking that Goes Beyond One-time Donations

We don’t waste resources on short-term tactics that stop at donor acquisition. We utilize data and insight to create long-term relationships that bring donors to their highest level of potential.

Integration that Connects on Multiple Levels

We are channel-neutral. We create customized fundraising strategies that work across multiple channels to answer each client’s unique need.

A Biblical Approach to Fundraising

We don’t ask for money. We tell your story in a way that challenges and inspires God’s people to fund His Kingdom purposes.

'Trusted Advisor' Partnerships

We are trusted advisors who build partnerships that stand the test of time. We go above and beyond to deliver you more ministry effectiveness.

Proprietary Data Tools and Research that Build the Right Foundation

Dunham+Company is committed to using analytics and ongoing donor research to meet your strategic objectives.

The Team

Our Leadership

Rick Dunham
Chief Executive Officer
Trent Dunham
Joshua Crowther
Executive Director Australia
Derek Scott
Chief Creative Officer
Tom Perrault
Chief Operating Officer
Elizabeth West
Chief Strategist Branding+Marketing
Michael J. Tomlinson
Chief Marketing Officer
Nils Smith
Chief Strategist Social Media+Innovation
Michael Baker
Chief Strategist
Randal Taylor
Chief Strategist Radio+Television
Bob Guittard
Chief Strategist
J. Erik Rogers
Chief Strategist Major Gift Services
Jennifer Abohosh
Chief Strategist
Tracy Everson
Senior Director Radio+TV
Michelle Stephens
Director of Account Management
Nikki Leos
Human Resources Manager
Scott Peck
Executive Producer/Senior Consultant
Debbie Calevich
Director Project Management
Bethany Cranfield
Director of Strategic Relationships
Anna Ponton
Account Manager
Aimee McMillan
Senior Account Manager
Kaitlyn Riley
Account Manager

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