Download Your Copy of the Online Fundraising Scorecard:

The Online Fundraising Scorecard is the first of its kind in the charity world. The researchers analyzed the fundraising habits and donor experience of 151 national charities, including 100 of the Chronicle of Philanthropy’s Philanthropy 400, and documented the results. The results shine light on the gap between known best practices around online fundraising and what is actually occurring. The 50-page study, full of charts and infographics, reviews the four key areas of an online donation process: Email Registration, Email Communication, Online Donation Experience, and Gift Acknowledgement, and provides guidance on what organizations should be doing. Steve MacLaughlin, Director of the Idea Lab at Blackbaud, had this to say about the study: “Dunham+Company and Next After have put together a breakthrough report that anyone serious about online fundraising must read.” MacLaughlin also called the “study one of the most extensive and detailed analyses of online practices used by nonprofits.” This free study is available for download and distribution.

Online Fundraising Scorecard